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Are you ready to own the Internet?

AllAdvantage, an Internet advertising company that payed users to browse the net while running their Viewbar software displaying advertisements based on the users' browsing habits, which had shut operations in February 2001 after nearly 2 years of operation due to the sharp decline in advertising spending as the dot-com bubble burst and the U.S. economy entered a recessionary period in mid-2000, is now back as AGLOCO which stands for A GLObal COmmunity with a little change in its business model.

Last time they paid a flat fee per hour to users of their Viewbar software whereas this time it will give users a share of the income that Viewbar earns from advertisements. Not just that! It paid users to refer other people to use the Viewbar and paid users again if those referred people refer other people - down until four levels. The income is paid out either in stocks or cash as per the user's wish.

AllAdvantege's Viewbar software was one of the earliest desktop user tracking and ad targeting technologies. The Viewbar displayed advertisements in a narrow application window that could be docked to the bottom of the user's screen, targeting those advertisements to the content being viewed by the user as they browsed websites. The same technologies, minus the permission of users or monetary compensation, became the basis of the adware and spyware industries - Wikipedia

Launched on November 20th 2006, the Viewbar software of AGLOCO is still under Limited Beta Testing and is slated for release sometime in March 2007. However the company has already started building the user referral network so that users can start earning right from day one. Last time the network grew to 10 million members in the first 18 months and by the time the company closed its doors, it had paid out over $120 million to its members.

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