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Getting ideas for blog posts and RSS feed posts

After a long break, I was scanning the web for the latest news and discussions in the blogosphere and looking forward to discuss something on hashout when I stumbled upon this article by Sharon Housley. It gives 10 very useful ways to find topics for your blog or RSS feeds.

Sharon emphasizes on writing about unexplored topics and "tackling all of the content that many other publishers find difficult or uncomfortable". But considering the vastness of the internet and the anonymity that it provides, one would find it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to find such topics.

From my experience, I would recommend devoting certain amount of time on a daily basis to read blogs, news, magazines and even watch TV shows in the area of your interest. You might not get an idea to blog about spontaneously, but over a period of time it will surely help. For example, you read a news article about the Cisco-Apple iPhone trademark tussle in the morning and then discuss about it with your peers at work during the day. Now you have not just your own thoughts but also opinions from your pears to blog about.

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