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StatCounter adds facility to label IP addresses

Did you notice the new "[Label IP Address]" next to the IP address in your "Recent Visitor Activity", "Recent Pageload Activity", "Visitor Paths" and the "Recent Visitor Map" reports? According to StatCounter this new feature lets you name IP addresses so that you can:

  1. Identify click fraudsters
  2. See when "the competition" has visited your site
  3. Identify recurring visitors
  4. See just how many times your mom has been admiring your site...

Screenshot of the new StatCounter Add New IP Address Label Form
Apart from that you might have your own idea of using this feature to your benefit which you can share here.

But wait... most of us use dynamic IP addresses. So how is this going to help?

For those of you who don't yet know what's StatCounter... It is a free invisible web tracker, hit counter and real-time detailed web stats provider that lets you analyse and monitor visitors to your website in real-time by inserting a piece of code on your web page(s).

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  1. Jenni said...


    You can also specify ip address ranges such as 218.*.*.* or 218.*.23.*

    It doesn't have to be just an ip address.

    StatCounter Team

  2. Aziz said...

    Thats fine! But what if I label an IP range as X and someone else, say Y, visits from the same IP region?

  3. Jenni said...

    Well Aziz,

    The choice is yours.

    If you want to label individuals, then you can do that.

    The naming of a range can be useful for dynamic IPs. Obviously you can't label the individuals, but you can label the range.


    StatCounter Team

  4. Vic Grace said...

    That is my problem my IP address keeps changing so it throws out my numbers. How does one find the range for your personal computer so when you visit StatCounter it won't show up as a visit.

  5. Aziz said...

    It's easy to exclude your visits from showing up in the StatCounter code even if you don't have a static ip address. However, you will need to have cookies enabled in your browser and also have the new StatCounter code (as of the 1st Nov 2003) installed on your website for this to work. Once you've ensured that cookies are enabled for your browser and the latest code installed on your website/blog, follow the procedure below:

    1. Sign in to StatCounter
    2. Click the spanner icon in the same line as the project name which you want to exclude your visits from
    3. Click Create blocking cookie.
    4. Click Stop Logging My Visits. You're done!

    Follow the above procedure for each of the browsers that you use to view your blog/website.

    You also need to follow this procedure for each of the projects individually.

  6. Vic Grace said...

    Thanks Aziz I will do that