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Apple iPod to replace 'black box' on airplanes

Since the time iPod was first introduced to replace walkmans and discmans, it has evolved from just a digital audio player to a photo viewer to a portable video player and has found various applications besides these like data storage etc. has a list of Top 5 Creative Uses for Your iPod. The iPod has yet again found a path-breaking application in aircrafts.

According to a report by Flight Global, Apple iPods will soon replace the 'black box' with a 'white box'. US light aircraft manufacturer LoPresti SpeedMerchants plans to integrate the iconic 'white box' iPod into its Fury piston aircraft's avionics systems to serve as a digital data recorder.

The iPod along with suitable software works like a hard disk and can record more than 500 hours of flight time data.

Did Steve Jobs ever have an idea about what applications his invention will find?

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