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Blog Study: Acquire Wisdom and Live With Passion

Screenshot of Sam Chan's blog Acquire Wisdom and Live With PassionSam Chan of Acquire Wisdom and Live With Passion needs some suggestions to improve his blog. Well, frankly speaking, I feel the blog is quite good enough for its purpose. However, Sam can surely make certain changes to help his blog visitors. Here they go:

  1. The first thing I noticed was that there are a lot many posts on the home (index) page. I feel that could increase the time required to download the complete page resulting in visitors with slow download speeds abandoning the blog without even having a look at it.
  2. If ads are an important source of income for Sam then I feel they should be placed somewhere above the fold i.e. somewhere at the top of the page so that visitors don't have to scroll down to view the ads. They should preferably be placed after the post title and within the post body. AdSense's Large rectangle is the format that will give best results.
  3. The search box can be placed somewhere at the top right corner of the page which is kind of default location for search boxes. Further Sam can use Google CSE to tightly integrate the search facility into the blog and also monetize user searches.
  4. Even though Sam has changed the default background image of the standard blogspot template "Thisaway Green", it would be advisable to further customize the template so as to have a unique identity.

The best part of Sam's blog, as told by Kerry Dale Hancock Jr is that he "knows how to put the perfect picture with all his posts."

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  1. Sam Chan said...

    Hi Aziz,

    I am really very thankful for your comments. You are really very very helpful and had suggested so many area where my blog could be improved further.

    I believe I can learn a great deal from you expert!

    Thank you and Best Wishes.