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Cast your ballot in the comfort of your bed

Are you so busy that you don't find time to cast your valuable vote in the election for President, Prime Minister, Chief Minister or the Mayor? Or are you too lazy to go there and wait in the queue for hours before you get your chance to choose your prez?

It might not be long before you could cast your ballot online on the Internet, from the comfort of your home, at a time of your convenience. For citizens of Estonia this dream has already come to reality. This small Baltic country is the first to conduct national elections with internet balloting available to all voters. England, France, Holland and a few other countries have had trial or small scale votes. The state of Hawaii will offer internet voting in local elections later this month.

This would definitely increase the voter turnout and eventually result in better governments. But there seems to be a problem - bigger nations worry that an internet-based balloting system cannot be reliable and secure enough to safeguard democracy's most fundamental processes. Alright, but as Tarvi Martens, project manager for Estonia's e-voting project, puts it "You trust your money with the internet, and you won't trust your vote? I don't think so."

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