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Indian Bloggers list v2.0 - a directory of Indian bloggers worldwide

Indiablogs.orgIndian Bloggers list v2.0 is an online directory of bloggers worldwide who are Indian by nationality. A brainchild of Puneet, the blogs in the directory are categorized by industry, profession or field of work unlike the other Indian blog directory BlogStreet India which categorizes blogs on industry/profession/field of work, languages and cities. However, each entry is reviewed personally by people volunteering for the project before being added to the directory. Also you require to link back to the directory from your blog either through a post or a logo image on your sidebar or somewhere on the blog.

Do you know of a better alternative to or BlogStreet India?

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  1. Puneet said...

    thanks for the mention, about link back its not something forced if possible its just recommended if people dont want to its fine ...ill make it more clear on website

    i think you mixed up one thing .. about blogstreet i think they only list blog based upon blog topic category and lanuage and city

    they dont list based upon profession/field of work because if they did then its point less having india blogs lol