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Looking forward to quit smoking?

Quit SmokingAre you a smoker fighting hard to give up on smoking or already given up on giving up smoking? Don't worry! There is some good info and tools available on-line to help you.

WAY2QUIT.com, a GlaxoSmithKline campaign to promote its Nicotine Replace Therapies-Nicorette, NicoDerm CQ and Commit, has some tools that can help you in overcoming your nicotine withdrawal cravings.

  1. Readiness indicator: Decide if you are really ready to quit.
  2. Dependency quiz: Access how much you depend on nicotine.
  3. Health risk assessor: Weigh the risk of lung cancer you reduce by quitting to smoke right this moment.
  4. Savings calculator: Calculate how much money you'll save in a day, week, month, year by kicking the habit.
  5. Slip meter: Recoup from lapses during weak moments.
  6. Trigger detector: Avoid things that spark the urge to smoke.
  7. Cravings pacifier: Find relief when nicotine cravings hit.

Also watch some really scary (funny) promotional videos here.

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  1. Jeremy said...

    I recommend using Chantix from Pfizer. You just kinda forget about smoking after a week or so. It's great. The downside is it's a new drug and not all insurance's will cover it.