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Non-reason for readers to unsubscribe from feeds

Darren Rowse recently conducted an "open mic" survey to understand why people unsubscribe for a blog's RSS feed. However, looking at the results of the survey here, I feel quite a number of people had got the question wrong.

The title of Darren's post "What makes you unsubscribe from a blog’s RSS feed?" clearly indicates that the question here is why people unsubscribe "from a blog's RSS feed" and not the blog itself. RSS feeds, according to my knowledge, are usually subscribed to through aggregators like Bloglines, Newsgator, Google Reader etc. These aggregators check for new content on these feeds and informs the subscriber when there is an update available.

Darren's survey shows that almost 11 percent of the people unsubscribe from feeds due to infrequent posting. Yes it would bother if you had bookmarked the blog to check for new content regularly. But why on earth would they be bothered by infrequent posting when they don't have to do anything to check for new content on that blog?

It could be that the 29 odd people would have either got the question wrong or just needed a reason to post a comment.

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