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Social networking for cats and dogs!

Cats & dogs dating, social networkingFluffy has the latest, most fashionable collar, more toys than some kids do and his very own bed. But have you given your pet a home page? Yes, animals are going online in droves. is a free social networking site for dogs, while sister site is for cats. Check out the intriguing statistics of Dogster here and Catster here.

These technologically savvy animals, with a little help from their humans, are sharing photos, diaries, travel tips and more. Owners use the forums to schedule play dates and discuss topics such as grooming, training and bereavement. When Little Bit, a terrier mix, was diagnosed with lymphoma, the owners stumbled upon Dogster. The site has given them a place to show pictures, keep friends updated on Little Bit's condition and reach out to others in their position. What's next? Doggle, a canine search engine?

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