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Sony MEX-BT5000: A Revolutionary Bluetooth Car Stereo Head Unit

Sony MEX-BT5000 Bluetooth Car Stereo Head UnitDesigned for today’s mobile lifestyle with safety driving in mind, the MEX-BT5000 is the first Sony in-car audio-streaming AM/FM CD receiver head unit equipped with on-board Bluetooth wireless technology. It wirelessly links to Bluetooth mobile phones for making and receiving calls hands-free during a journey thanks also to a built-in microphone with integrated noise and echo reduction signal processing. It can also stream music from Bluetooth phones or music players if it supports A2DP and once it's paired. This stylish car stereo features an attractive minimalist design with a high visibility, full-motion fluorescent display that can even display phone book data.

You can even transfer and store up to 50 phonebook contacts and six speed dial entries from any compatible phone, then place calls using the unit.

The MEX-BT5000 supports the MP3, WMA and ATRAC codecs, as well as audio CDs. Music phones with Bluetooth technology, including the Sony Ericsson Walkman phones, work with the unit to stream music from the phone throughout the vehicle's stereo system.

It also has a DRIVE-S HX CD playback mechanism; Dynamic Soundstage Organizer II; 24-bit digital-to-analog conversion; and an S-MOSFET power stage that delivers 52-Watt x 4 channels. It comes with with a flip-down screen and white LED key illumination, a remote and Sony Bus Control for CD changers; and is satellite radio-ready.

You can check the price and even buy Sony MEX-BT5000 online at Amazon.

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