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Wanna travel around the world with a shoe string budget? Couch surf...

Find a couch for your trip to any part of the world, Free!Are you planning to backpack around the world but don't have an overflowing bank account or an address book of friends and family in all corners of the globe willing to offer a free bed? Here's the latest in budget traveling - couch surfing. Dreamed up by money-conscious travelers, the Couch Surfing Project is an online interactive site that matches budget travelers with hosts who are happy to offer their couches/beds free of charge. Instead of an anonymous noisy hostel, you're a guest in a local person's house.

Couchsurfing.com aims at not only bringing travelers and hosts together but to:

Make the world a better place, and we believe that the surfing of couches is a means to accomplish this goal. CouchSurfing isn't about the furniture- it's not just about finding free accommodations around the world- it's about participating in creating a better world. We strive to make a better world by opening our homes, our hearts, and our lives. We open our minds and welcome the knowledge that cultural exchange makes available. We create deep and meaningful connections that cross oceans, continents and cultures. CouchSurfing wants to change not only the way we travel, but how we relate to the world!

Like other social networking and dating sites, every user is linked to the other users he or she knows in the system through a network of references and friend links. The site, however, strictly prohibits dating and harassment. It records and monitors all communication between members for safety purposes. The site also provides the facility to verify members' name and address so that travelers and hosts can feel safe about making friendships with strangers.

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