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Write a guest post for HashOut!

I'll be off for a fortnight for a holiday this Saturday and may not be able to post regularly. So here is a chance for you to write guest posts for HashOut and get a link back to your blog/website. Everyones invited!

You can write on anything from Technology, Gadgets, Automobiles, Sports, Entertainment, Travel & Holiday, Photography, Lifestyle, Politics, Business, Blogging, Making money online, social bookmarking, social networking, Web 2.0, or for that matter anything that would fit into any of the categories there on the sidebar. For example you can write on the ongoing Cricket World Cup in the Caribbean, the upcoming US Presidential elections or how you reached there in the top 1000 blogs on Technorati or Alexa. Make sure your content is original and that it adds value to the readers.

Submit your posts along with a suitable title, your name and blog/website address to . Offer valid till April 10th, 2007. All submissions will be subject to approval/editing before they go live.

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  1. Emmie said...

    What a neat idea! I'll be submitting something soon. And guess what? I just added a link to your blog from mine! Check it out (I used your logo). Enjoy your holiday and Come back soon!

  2. Aziz said...

    Hi Emmie!

    Thanks a lot for your wishes.

    Your blog is pretty cool! It can relieve one of all the tensions and make them feel good about life. It teaches some good values of friendship and how to make and maintain life long meaningful friendships...

    Glad to have a friend like you.