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Tips on building brand credibility

Jennifer McLean, Market Communications Strategist and Author of the book The Credibility Factor and The Credibility Branding BlogIt was an honor for my blog to be reviewed by Jennifer McLean, Market Communications Strategist and Author of the book "The Credibility Factor", on her Credibility Branding Blog, as part of the "Review My Blog" campaign. She was also the first and quiet quick to review my blog.

On The Credibility Branding Blog, Jennifer McLean gives some valuable insight into the credibility branding aspect of marketing. She also emphasizes on the importance of marketing in any business as opposed to a salesman-driven business.

Is your sales guy running the show? This is very common. The sales guys come in and they want the sale, no matter the cost. And that cost is what I call a "seat-of-the- pants" approach,

Some of her note-worthy posts are Preparing a Marketing Press Release for Editors and Customers and Not Your Boss and Pitching the Big Guys – How to Get Their Attention

In one of her recent posts she even talks about building a brand persona through blogging.

In short, her blog is a great resource for those looking forward to master the art of marketing. You could be a business man, the head of marketing in your company or even a blogger, you will definitely find her posts of relevance to you and for sure you're going to add her blog's feed to your reader.

I'm glad to have made a friend like you through this campaign, Jennifer! The next time I need the help of a marketing strategist, I'm gonna bank on you.

And for those of you readers who got annoyed with the exceptionally excessive links to Jennifer McLean's blog on this post, I'm terribly sorry. I couldn't help but highlight some of the best posts I liked on her blog. Actually, there was more, but I cut it short.

This post was actually scheduled to be published on May 1, 2007, but since it was already ready to be published, I couldn't help but just publish to let you guys know about her blog. It will also serve as a reminder to you that the Review my blog campaign is still up and running. Just 7 days to go before the first roundup of the campaign. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and take advantage of this opportunity.

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