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What Was I Looking For?

WILF: What Was I Looking For? Browing the internet aimlessly? Wilfing?When you log in to the Net, are you surfing or 'wilfing'? Surveys show that two out of three Web users are distracted by the unlimited pool of online information and 'wilf' -- an abbreviation of "What Was I Looking For?"

The survey says that wilfers lose two working days a month from aimless browsing, with men being the worst offenders. Shopping sites are rated most distracting. One-third of men quizzed confirmed that wilfing through tempting adult entertainment sites had damaged relationships with their partners. The survey pointed out that people log in with a purpose, get distracted by the choices and then forget what they are there for.

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  1. Sam Chan said...

    Well, Problems arise when there are too many choices because of the overwhelming varieties. Many of us just could not focus anymore.

    Many no longer know how to appreciate things like what we used to.

    Our attention are distracted!

    This saying:
    "The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated."
    is very true, but then it is getting more difficult to come by nowadays!

  2. Anonymous said...

    I find it rather ironic that you post a very attractive girl in a bikini, in the 2nd
    page of your article on "wilfing". For some of us "that" could be a HUGE
    distraction and cause to look for more. I find that I will remember images
    that I shouldn't for a LONG TIME, even though they aren't pornographic.
    PLEASE find another ad. Your article WAS very too the point, and I think
    your VERY right in that opinion. I don't know if it was something you chose
    or because of the blog that chose it for you. Would you tell me more.
    I do appreciate looking at women. In fact, too much. But would rather non-sexualize
    an attractive picture. A man would naturally think "would she". And dressed
    that way it cheapens her. Thank-you for "listening"
    Please email back if you'd like to talk...