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Does the game ever end?

The end of the arcade game Super MarioTired of playing a video game endlessly without ever getting to the end? Do you ever wonder if there is really any end to the game you've been playing since time immemorial? If trying to get to the end seems to be practically impossible then just satisfy yourself having a look at the climactic final screens of classic arcade video games on the Internet at The Video Game Museum. You can even try to impress video game addicts by showing them how the game they play endlessly actually ends. » Continue reading

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How not to forget important engagements

Don't ever forget birthdays, anniversaries, appointments, meetings or any other task.You forgot to wish your mom on her birthday, your dentist's appointment, to pick up the dry cleaning. Maybe what you need is your own personal secretary -- or an e-mail reminder service. You'll find several ones on the Internet, like www.memotome.com. With this one, all you have to do is register and enter what you want to remember -- whether it's to pick up laundry detergent or a gift for your parents' 50th wedding anniversary -- and the service will e-mail you reminders as far in advance and as often as you like. You can also choose to be reminded of weekly, monthly, yearly or one-off events.

Before you register with any email reminder service, read its privacy policy: Some may share their registrant's email addresses with direct marketers or spammers.
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Tips to save printer ink

Tips to save money on printer ink cartridgeColor printer cartridges are costly, but there are ways to extend their lives, says Glenn Menin of PC Magazine Labs:
  • Before printing, adjust your computer's print quality to "draft" and use less ink.
  • When possible, use only the black-ink option, even when printing color pages.
  • While printing web pages, just highlight (or copy and paste in a sparate file, preferably in a word processor to preserve the text formatting) only the text you want rather than printing everything on the screen.
  • Most printer drivers today have a print preview option that lets you see what exactly you are going to get even before you actually print it. Use it to save wastages.
  • Use your printer ink cartridges, both black and color, atleast once a week. Even if you don't have a need to take a print out, just print something small or run a diagnostic test.
  • Use generic or compatible print cartridges which are almost half the cost of an original manufacturer brand OEM print cartridge. They are a definite money saver, especially for bulk black and white print jobs.
Looking for more tips? Here are some search keyword ideas to try it out on Google:

How to save printer ink?
How to save ink on bulk printing jobs
Ways to save ink when printing web pages
Printer utilities to save paper and printer ink
Printer software to save printer ink cartridges
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Cyber Hair

Try out hairstyles and new looks before you go for the cut.No need to try out wigs or believe your hairstylist the next time you plan to change your hairstyle. Explore new cuts and colors on the Internet for free at Clairol's Try It On Studio or iVillage's Makevoer-o-Matic. Pick a model who looks like you or just upload your photo, and have fun playing or take a printout or transfer it to your iPod / Mobile phone to show it to your hairstylist.

The Makeover-o-Matic has a dozen models with different face shapes, over 30 different cuts - short, medium and long - and full-color spectrum for hair and makeup. There are even accessories, such as glasses, that you can add to test the new you for all occasions.
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Why do computer monitors flicker when seen on TV?

Why do computer monitors flicker when seen on TV?Monitors are caught in the middle of the constant, super-fast loading of images that creates the picture on a computer screen, says Jennifer Ernst of the Palo Alto Research Centre. Most TV cameras capture images slower than computers produce them. Hence the flickering. » Continue reading

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Data freaks, unite!

YouTube of Excel files - Swivel.comYou probably don't need one more time-wasting website, but we can't resist suggesting a look at swivel.com. This is sort of a YouTube for excel files, where people can upload statistics. The results are some really amusing graphs, such as comparison between wine consumption and violent crime or how when the temperature goes down in Apple's headquarters city of Cupertino, Calif., the company's stock price goes up - maybe because employees are staying inside and working more? » Continue reading

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Worthwhile Indian Podcasts

Podcasting might not have taken of in India like how blogging has but here is a short list of some really worthwhile Indian Podcasts.

Everything you wanted to know about India and Bollywood. Arguably the first India-based podcast site.
Author: Ruchita Gupta
URL: www.podmasti.com

Kamla Bhatt Show
A blog, radio site and podcast run by Chennaiite, Kamla Bhatt, since 2005, while shuttling between Bangalore and San Francisco. Kamla Bhatt studied at Madras Christian College and at Marquette University, Milwaukee, United States.
Author: Kamla Bhatt
URL: kamlabhattshow.com

Mumbaikars Abhishek Kumar and Aditya Mhatre gave up jobs with major companies at home and in the US to create India's first podcast site focussed solely on news and views. The podcast focuses on topics, ranging from Sonia to Sania, with a view point of the common man (aam aadmi).
Authors: Abhishek Kumar and Aditya Mhatre
URL: www.theindicast.com

Concentrates on a rich content of Indian music, served up by co-podsters Piya and Deb.
Authors: Piya and Deb.
URL: www.podioindia.com

A great source for Tamil podcasts.
Author: US based Sujatha Jagannathan
URL: www.podbazaar.com

One of the first podcasts for those interested in the achievements of Indian techies. A spin-off from the US based Podtech.
URL: www.podtech.net/indiatech

If you are a blogger or a podcaster don't forget to catch India's largest event on audio and video podcasting PodWorks, a workshop style unconference to be held at Tidel Park Auditorium, Chennai on the 9th and 10th of June 2007.
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Who am I, again?

Second Life, a 3D Online Digital Virtual World
Fed up with your current life? Want another one on the side to spice things up? You got it. Log on to www.secondlife.com, a 3-D virtual world entirely built and owned by its residents. More than six million people from around the word virtually live here. Residents can meet other residents, socialize, get involved in individual and group activities and even trade. The only thing you can't do here is go to the bathroom. Or eat and drink. For that, you'll have to visit the real world once in a while. » Continue reading

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Beware of shift work

Health risk due to night shifts or frequent changes in work shift. Can cause drowsiness, drop in blood's levels of sleep-regulating melatonin, heart diseases & diabetes.Working in shifts and frequent shift changes are quite common in today's globalised business scenario, more so with the advent of business process outsourcing, especially here in India where call centers have sprung up in huge numbers.

If you regularly switch between day and night work, it could be harming your health. A study of oil-rig workers found that alternating weekly shifts put the blood's levels of sleep-regulating melatonin out of sync: the men were drowsier at work and had heightened levels of fatty acids in their blood after meals, raising their risk of heart disease and diabetes. » Continue reading

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Linksys WAP4400N Wireless-N access point

Linksys WAP4400N Wireless-N access point with power over Ethernet capabilityThe Linksys Wireless-N access point, WAP4400N, with power over Ethernet capability is designed and developed specifically for the small business environment.

Built based on the 802.11n draft specification, the WAP4400N supports Wireless-N (802.11n), Wireless-G (802.11g), Wireless-B (802.11b) and wired network devices so as to allow addition of PCs to the network without cabling hassle. Power-over-Ethernet support makes it easy to install allowing it to be mounted anywhere, even without ready access to a power plug.

In addition, the integrated QoS features provide consistent voice and video quality on both the wired and wireless networks, enabling the deployment of business quality VoIP and video applications.

To protect data and privacy, the Linksys Wireless-N access point supports both wired equivalent privacy and the industrial strength wireless security of Wi-Fi protected access, encoding all wireless transmissions with powerful encryption.

The Linksys WAP4400N Wireless-N access point is available for US $149.99 at xPCGear.com or just search for it on Amazon.
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Ancient Images

Sample of a Daguerreo-type camera, 'Giroux'Behold the granddaddy of cameras! The 1839-model daguerreotype camera in the picture was the first camera to be sold commercially.

In a daguereotype the image is exposed directly onto a polished silver plate. It is a direct image-making process with no 'negatives' involved. It produced images 16.5 cm × 21.5 cm.

Named after French cmist Louis J. M. Daguerre, dagueeeotypes are preserved by sealing them in vacuum-sealed glass cases filled with nitrogen.

The warrantee label on the side of the camera was signed by Daguerre himself.

Photo courtesy of the JCII Camera Museum.
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ASUS R2H ultra-mobile PC

ASUS R2H ultra-mobile PCASUS Technology's seven-inch ultra compact R2H ultra-mobile PC with built-in high-resolution webcam, incorporated global positioning system (GPS) and biometric fingerprint authentication is designed to fulfill the need for an all-in-one mobile device that enables professionals to stay connected.

For business travelers the R2H offers total data protection. Protected computing starts with fingerprint authentication that grants strict access only to the designated owner. For the most accurate reading, the electronic imaging mechanism scans fingerprint patter from the live layer of the skin, bypassing any common skin surface conditions. ASUS Security Protect Managment (ASPM) guards access to the device and network. Users can choose to set-up multi-factor authentication requirements for different security levels while enjoying the Single Sigh On (SSO) one-time login convenience without compromising security integrity.

The R2H runs on windows XP tablet PC edition with Touch Pack software and ergonomic hardware interface designs. With all function keys laid out on both sides of the front panel, users can enjoy comfortable operation of control keys, including mouse, scroll buttons hot keys as well as on-screen keypad, all at the finger tips.

R2H is packed with computing, multimedia and connectivity functions. Built-in Bluetooth 2.0 Enhanced Data Rate (EDR), WLAN 802.11 a/b/g and high-resolution wecam offer extensive high-speed connection and wire-free video communication. In addtiion, satellite GPS provides a comprehensive travel guide.

The ASUS R2H ultra-mobile PC is available for $1,023.36 on SHOP.COM
or check out the price on Amazon.
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Are you annoyed with unsolicited SMS (Texts) advertisements on your mobile phone?

Get paid to read SMS (Text) advertisementsIf yes, you will no longer be annoyed as you can get paid for receiving such messages.

mGinger.com pays you to read ads on your cellphone! Moreover these ads will only be about your interests. Not only that, you get to decide what time you want to receive these ads.

mGinger pays 20 paise for every message you receive. It sends a maximum of 10 messages a day. However, you can further reduce this number if you like. But who would want to reduce ones earnings? You can further increase your earnings by referring others to mGinger so that when they sign up, you get 10 paise for every message they receive and when they refer others, you get 5 paise for every message your friend's friends receive.

TIP: If you want to increase the chances of receiving maximum number of messages in a day, select as many interests as possible and time slot as long as possible. Ofcourse, you need to select the Maximum Ads per day as 10 (or whatever the maximum number is available from time to time.)

This service is still in beta. That is you will not receive any ads as of now. But since this is going to be the next big boom, you can take the advantage of signing up right now and building up a network so that as soon as the service is rolled out of beta you start making the money. This is not a get rich quick scheme or something where you can earn at home but based on my calculations you can easily make enough money to free up your cell phone bill. The sky is the limit to earning more as it depends on how successful you are in building your own network of referrals. So get started now as it's still too early.

Have fun calculating how much you can make... and sign up. You're sure to like it.

NOTE: This service is currently available only to subscribers in India.
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SanDisk's 32GB SSD for notebooks

SanDisk 32GB Solid-State Drive (SSD) for notebooks
SanDisk Corporation's 32GB, 1.8-inch solid-state drive (SSD) is a replacement for the standard mechanical hard disk drive (HDD). SanDisk SSD offers field-proven durability to keep mobile PCs working in the toughest of conditions and improves the overall user experience.

Earlier military, aerospace and telecom industries had only been using the large capacity flash-based drives as these segments demand high performance and reliability under challenging environmental conditions. But the constant decline in the cost of NAND flash memory has been making SSD a viable and economical alternative in a wide variety of applications, including mobile PCs aimed at enterprise and consumer users. SanDisk plans to further increase the adoption of SSDs by reducing the cost of flash memory in the coming years.

The 32GB SSD represents the fifth generation of flash-based SSDs developed by Msystems, which was recently acquired by SanDisk.

SanDisk SSD 1.8-inch 32GB SSD is currently available only for original equipment manufacturers.

Now just take a quick look at a 5MB hard disk drive of 1956.
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Junkie's haven

Marijuana legalized in Holland, The Netherlands, sold by Maripharm. Prescribed as an appetite enhancer and painkiller for people with AIDS, multiple sclerosis and Tourette's syndrome.Seems like Holland believes in the addict's dictum: don't drink and drive; smoke weed and fly! After legalising euthanasia and prostitution, the country has now cleared the sale of marijuana in medical stores.

Prescribed as an appetite enhancer and painkiller for people with AIDS, multiple sclerosis and Tourette's syndrome, the drug is distributed by Maripharm, which advertises its products as "standardised, vacuum-packed and bearing patient infromation and does advice." While marijuana prices vary from $50 to $400 an ounce on the streets, Maripharm sells it at $225 an ounce.

What else? Buyers and sellers are lobbying for medical insurers to underwrite marijuana bills!
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Genius SlimStar 820 Solargizer desktop keyboard+mouse combo

Taiwan-based Genius' SlimStar 820 Solargizer desktop keyboard+mouse combo
Taiwan-based Genius' 2.4GHz wireless laser desktop combo, Genius SlimStar 920 Solargizer includes a wireless solar keyboard and a power saving laser mouse, offering eco-friendly features.

Genius SlimStar 820 is specifically designed to use minimal battery power by transforming the light source into power. Apart from the solar energy supplied, there are additional back-up sources like the USB cable charger and batteries that avert any kind of power shortage. The 17 hot keys along with one-touch keys for office tool of this specific keyboard enhance work efficiency.

Adding more value to this desktop combo, is the high definition ergonomic, wireless laser mouse. With the help of this mouse one can adjust the dpi resolution according to one's need, thereby enhancing the accuracy when moving the cursor. The mouse has ultra power saving technology, required for continuous operation, for up to 15 months. To further extend the power saving, a power switch is available for even longer battery life. The mini dongle receiver gives the freedom of working from up to 10 meters away. One can simply store it underneath the mouse for convenience.

The Genius SlimStar 820 Solargizer desktop keyboard+mouse combo is available in India for a Maximum Retail Price (MRP) of Rs.7,500 (INR).
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Believe it or not: A 5MB hard disk drive of 1956

A 5MB Hard Disk Drive (HDD) of 1956
This is the hard disk drive with a memory of 5MB in 1956. In September that year, IBM launched the 305 RAMAC, the first computer with a hard disk drive (HDD). The HDD weighed over a ton and stored 5MB of data. If the hard disk was so big, what would be the size of a CPU?

Let us start appreciating the 4GB drive of the 1990's lying down somewhere in the corner of the attic.
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Lenovo Y300 and Y500 notebooks

Lenovo 3000 Y300 & Y500 Laptops / Notebooks with Biometric Face Recognition Feature
Lenovo's Y300 and Y500 are feature rich notebooks incorporating biometric face recognition technology that enhances data security and allows the notebooks to be used by multiple users seamlessly. Additionally the Y500 has advanced Dolby home theater, a Shuttle Center for easy navigation between TV tuner card that combine together to make it an ideal notebook for multimedia enthusiasts. The Y300 and Y500 is ideal for the home and SOHO user.

The face recognition feature is supported by Veriface software. It creates a digital map that becomes the system's 'password'. The technology recognizes multiple users and logs onto the windows operating system and other applications without requiring users to remember a single password. In the event of an unauthorized attempt, the notebook photographs the user and stores the image in a log for verification.

Features of the Lenovo 3000 Y300 & Y500 Laptops / Notebooks with Biometric Face Recognition Feature
The integrated Dolby home theater that is built into the notebooks allows listeners to hear music, movies and games and enjoy surround sound experiences in a variety of playback environments. For listeners who enjoy music or movies late at night, the Lenovo Y500 offers virtual surround sound over any set of headphones. For listeners at home who need a simple, inexpensive way to enhance their entertainment, the notebook delivers virtual surround sound using just two speakers.

The lenovo 3000 Y300 & Y500 are available exculsively in India. The Y300 costs Rs.61,990 while the Y500 is priced between Rs. 31,990 and Rs.69,990.
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Looking for the meaning of your life? Try Google!

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Genius Navigator 380 - the optical mouse with a VoIP phone

Genius Taiwan Navigator 380 VoIP Optical MouseTaiwan-based Genius' Navigator 380 is a VoIP mouse that can support up to six instant messengers (IM) like Skype, MSN, Yahoo, GoogleTalk, QQ and AIM and combine these IMs into one window. Besides, there are seven buttons in Navigotor 380 especially for the phone functions -- phone on/off, list up/down, volume up/down.

Mouse Buttons
Genius Taiwan Navigator 380 VoIP Optical Mouse Buttons

Phone Buttons
Genius Taiwan Navigator 380 VoIP Optical Mouse Phone Buttons
Genius Navigator 380 can be carried along with a notebook and features a 1,200 dpi optical engine. The LED on the mouse blinks when there is a call through the IMs. And if the PC speaker is on, the ringing will also alert an incoming phone call. The mouse opens like a clamshell mobile phone. The Genius Navigator 380 is available in India for Rs.1,850 (INR).
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Believe it or not: Iceberg Ahead!

Now you know why the Titanic sank. A rig manager for a marine drilling company in Newfoundland clicked this photo. Ships have to be diverted for miles away from these icebergs, which look smaller from above the water than their real size underwater. The weight of this particular iceberg is estimated to be around 300,000,000 tons! » Continue reading

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Online oafs

BT's Home IT Adviser service has published its quirkiest conversation with tech-hassled customers. Here are a selected few:

Adviser: Press any key.
Customer: I can't find the 'Any' key.

Customer: My mouse pad isn't wired up.
Adviser: I'm not sure I understand, your mouse pad shouldn't have any wires.
Customer: Then how does it know where the mouse is?

Customer: I met a man on the Internet, can you give me his phone number?

This takes the prize.
Adviser: You have spyware on your machine.
Customer: Spyware? Does this mean that they can see me getting dressed through the monitor?

Laugh not, they walk among you!
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Can't find a microphone in an emergency situation? Don't worry, use your headphones (earphone)

Robin Good using his earphone / headphone / headset as a microphone / mic / mikeHave you ever come across a situation where in you have to have an important online discussion with some one and you are running out of a microphone but you still have a headset (earphones)? Here is a trick by Robin Good where in you can convert your good old spare headset into a live working mike by just plugging in your headset into the microphone jack of your computer. I've tried it myself and it really works, although the sound quality is not as good as a real microphone as told by Robin. But who really cares as long as you are able to get your job done with this workaround in an emergency situation.

Tech-Recipes has detailed step by step instructions to use your iPod headphones as a microphone.

Sometime back I had accidentally plugged in a microphone into the headphone/speaker jack and guess what? Yeah, it worked like a speaker!
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Ouch, that was beautiful!

Pamper your feet with the unique Fish Reflexology foot massage at the Underwater World in SingaporeWith a sophisticated clientele who seem to have a penchant for the bizarre, Singapore's beauty providers often go the extremes.

The most recent is the Fish Reflexology clinic, where clients' feet are exfoliated by tiny fish that nibble off dead skin -- a method traditionally used in the Middle East to treat skin diseases. The clinic says that over 2,000 customers have fed their feet to the fish. So the next time you visit this beautiful city-state, don't forget to pamper your feet!

Another popular beauty treatment is eyebrow embroidery. It entails plucking out the natural brows and drawing strands of hair back using a pen-like device that injects ink under the skin. Reportedly, the result looks more natural than a tattoo, and better than Mother Nature.

And if that sounds painful, several salons offer 'boyzilian' waxing. It is the male equivalent of the 'Brazilian,' where almost all public hair is pulled off using strips daubed in warm wax.

Image courtesy: omaritosan
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Creative Marketing: European semi-trucks with missing sides

These are pictures of European semi-trucks whose trailers are decorated to look like the sides are missing. The products they are hauling are painted on the sides and back.

This one shows Pepsi cases stacked on the ceiling, while the bottom of the trailer is empty.

This one is of a giant bottle of beer that looks so real, like it is coming out of the side of the trailer.

This truck has a windshield facing the back and there has been a driver painted in the driver's seat looking back over his shoulder to appear like he is driving backwards.

Here is one of a canvas tote bag.

Can you believe that the aquarium with fish swimming in it is not the real thing?

This one is of a bookshelf with giant books lined up in it and a post-it note with an advertisement on it, probably for the company that sells the books.

This one looks like it has no sides and top at all! But if the truck happens to move out of spot and it will have no effect at all.

This is the most innovative one for Pringles Hot & Spicy chips. The trailer appears as though the inside of it has been through a fire.

Now you might have thought these images to be real photographs, didn't you? You've been deceived, just like how these trucks give a deceiving look of the inside. These images are just digital mock-ups created for the Rhino Rolling Advertising Awards 06 competition in Germany. Seven winners (English translation by Google) were selected (with the Pepsi design taking first place), and those designs were implemented for real and showcased at the Awards ceremony, take a look at them here:
  1. Pepsi
  2. On the wrong way?: Windshield facing back
  3. The tote bag
  4. Crash
  5. Toastbrot
  6. Aquarium
  7. Pringles

Special prize: Slave trade

You can take a look at the rest of the submissions here.
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Meet Kevin Bondelli

Meet Kevin Bondelli, Southwest Region Director of the Young Democrats of America, Internet Organizer, Internet and Technology Strategist and Non-Traditional Campaigns Director for the Arizona Democratic Party.This 24 year young man from Tempe, Arizona is the Southwest Region Director of the Young Democrats of America, overseeing Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming. Yes, a politician he is! Not just that, he is the Internet Organizer, Internet and Technology Strategist and Non-Traditional Campaigns Director for the Arizona Democratic Party.

What I like about this politician guy is that he believes in the freedom of speech and is deadly against censorship of content on the Internet.

Kevin has not just got a long list of achievements in his political carrier but he is a professional graphic designer, just take a look at this F16 breaking out of this photo.

This multi faceted personality has some great ideas on how to get your book or DVD reviewed by blogs and websites.

Kevin has also pointed out some hilarious incidents where Google Maps asks you to swim across the Atlantic in order to reach Paris from New York.

His blog features some really very interesting and original content on a regular basis. Do subscribe to his blog's feeds so that you don't miss out on some really good information.

Kevin Bondelli was the fourth to submit his review of HashOut as part of the Review My Blog campaign.
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ASUS PG191 19 inch Silver-Black LCD monitor for ultimate gaming and video experience

ASUS PG191 19inch Silver-Black LCD monitor for ultimate gaming and video experience
ASUS PG191 19inch Silver-Black LCD monitor for ultimate gaming and video experienceTaiwan based ASUS's PG191 LCD monitor incorporates super bass system and the fastest 2ms gray to gray response time to deliver better audio and video performance demanded by hardcore gamers.

With a unique industrial design, the black and silver PG191 comes with a sleek aluminum alloy neck, a circular base and a glaring piano-black panel frame, making it a stylish huge piece of decor. The bundling up of the webcam, speakers and woofer along with the monitor saves a lot of desk space too!

ASUS PG191 19inch Silver-Black LCD monitor with Super Power Bass Woofer System
The model comes with 2.1-channel speakers (2x10W speakers and 15W super bass system) to deliver a thrilling audio experience when battling in the virtual world. Complemented by SRS Lab's flagship TruSurround XT audio technology, the display supports the latest game titles' 5.1 and 6.1 channel sound standards.

ASUS PG191 19inch Silver-Black LCD monitor with a 1.3 megapixel (M) HP WebcamPG191 incorporates the Trace Free technology, which accelerates gray-to-gray response time to 2ms to enable smooth video quality, whether it is football match, 3D gaming or DVD playbacks.

The built-in 1.3 mega-pixel HP webcam along with headphones and microphone jacks together offer a total interactive solution for online gaming. The bundled life frame video communication software further lets users take snapshots and record video with ease.

ASUS PG191 19inch Silver-Black LCD monitor with three USB 2.0 ports, headphones and microphone jacksThe PG191 offers hot keys to activate its special audio and video modes. It has five audio modes: standard, first-person shooting games, RPG games, theater and music; and five image enhancement modes: standard, scenery, night view, theater and gaming.

The innovative technology also enables users to select three skin tone options for the best visual results in different video applications.

Other features include a tilt and swivel angle adjustment and three USB 2.0 ports.

The PG191 has a native resolution of 1280x1024 pixels, aspect ratio of 4:3, contrast ratio of 800:1 and 320cd/m2 brightness. You can find the detailed specifications of the monitor at the ASUS website here.

While other 19 inch LCD monitors are available for almost half the price of ASUS PG191, it has loads of extra features to justify its price. You can check out the price or buy the ASUS PG191 LCD Monitor right away on Amazon or SHOP.COM.
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The secret to improving your Google PR and Technorati Ranking

Improving your Google PR (Page Rank) and Technorati RankingThese days almost everybody in the blogosphere seems to dream about becoming a dot com mogul. One such soul is Cheewee Ng. And if that was really tongue twisting then you could simply call him Betshopboy. For a detailed explanation of why he's called Betshopboy, read his profile.

Betshopboy was the third to submit his review of HashOut as part of the Review My Blog campaign.

If you've ever been to John Chow's blog then the first thing you'll notice on Cheewee Ng's blog is that he has got a similar bottom line for his blog.

At first sight the blog seemed to be very amateurish, but as I sifted through the blog posts I was quite astounded to see that the blog which ranked in the region of 1.8 million on technorati at the end of March, ranks under 52k and has a Google PR (Page Rank) of 2 out of 10 as on date. All this within a month and just a meager 56 posts on the blog!

So how did Cheewee Ng achieve this feat? Yes, you got it right! The link love that he received through his "review exchange and link swap" campaign skyrocketed his Google and Technorati rankings. This once again asserts the importance of building links to your blog and review exchanges are a much better alternative to link exchanges as it serves three purposes. Firstly you get links back to your blog, secondly the person who reviews your blog gets involved with your blog and may become your thick friend and a loyal reader of your blog and finally your blog gets more readers through the reviewer's blog.

However, Cheewee Ng's review exchange program is a little different from what I've seen at several other blogs. In that, he has reversed the roles. He reviews your blog first and in turn asks you to link back to his blog with the anchor text "make money online" and also to link back to his "free blog review" post. Seems pretty simple, even for a layman to understand.
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A coffin for a broken marriage

Divorced? Buried you marriage? Bury your wedding ring too! Get a wedding ring coffin for just USD 30Unhappily married? Already divorced? What does one do of the wedding ring when a marriage dies?

Let it stay in the remote corners of a sock and underwear drawer so that you find them while cleaning away your stuff, some day in the future, and revive your already forgotten sour memories? Bury your wedding ring and bury your past!

A New York divorcee has come up with a miniature coffin to lay those unwanted wedding rings to rest. The 15cm by 5cm solid wood coffin has a black velvet ring insert, a choice of six brass plaques inscribed with messages including 'I do NOT!' and 'Six feet is not deep enough'. Get it for $30 from Jist Enterprises, the creators online store, and "Give a dead marriage its proper, final resting place."
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The secret to living a passionate life

Sam Chan of Acquire Wisdom and Live With Passion BlogSam Chan of Acquire Wisdom and Live With Passion was the second to submit his review of HashOut as part of the Review My Blog campaign.

Acquire Wisdom and Live With Passion is your daily dose of Wisdom. Not just that! Sam Chan's posts just livens up the day and true to its name, fills your life with passion. He is a professional at Self-Improvement. Don't take my word for it. Go through his blog posts to have a first-hand look.

The more I think I had learnt the more I know I still have to learn. Everyday when we face problems, we are actually learning. How we tackle problems determines whether we are acquiring Wisdom or getting more stress that kills. - Sam Chan

His philosophy of life is that we learn everyday from our experience, but we shouldn't limit ourselves to our own experiences. We should also learn from others' experiences. It could be anyone for that matter.

A wise man is one who learns from all men. Learning only from our own experience is like learning the traffic rules by accident. - Sam Chan

Sam makes his posts even more interesting by clubbing an apt and lively picture with all his posts.

Take a loot at the blog study I did of Sam's blog earlier.
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