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Creative Marketing: European semi-trucks with missing sides

These are pictures of European semi-trucks whose trailers are decorated to look like the sides are missing. The products they are hauling are painted on the sides and back.

This one shows Pepsi cases stacked on the ceiling, while the bottom of the trailer is empty.

This one is of a giant bottle of beer that looks so real, like it is coming out of the side of the trailer.

This truck has a windshield facing the back and there has been a driver painted in the driver's seat looking back over his shoulder to appear like he is driving backwards.

Here is one of a canvas tote bag.

Can you believe that the aquarium with fish swimming in it is not the real thing?

This one is of a bookshelf with giant books lined up in it and a post-it note with an advertisement on it, probably for the company that sells the books.

This one looks like it has no sides and top at all! But if the truck happens to move out of spot and it will have no effect at all.

This is the most innovative one for Pringles Hot & Spicy chips. The trailer appears as though the inside of it has been through a fire.

Now you might have thought these images to be real photographs, didn't you? You've been deceived, just like how these trucks give a deceiving look of the inside. These images are just digital mock-ups created for the Rhino Rolling Advertising Awards 06 competition in Germany. Seven winners (English translation by Google) were selected (with the Pepsi design taking first place), and those designs were implemented for real and showcased at the Awards ceremony, take a look at them here:
  1. Pepsi
  2. On the wrong way?: Windshield facing back
  3. The tote bag
  4. Crash
  5. Toastbrot
  6. Aquarium
  7. Pringles

Special prize: Slave trade

You can take a look at the rest of the submissions here.

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