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The secret to living a passionate life

Sam Chan of Acquire Wisdom and Live With Passion BlogSam Chan of Acquire Wisdom and Live With Passion was the second to submit his review of HashOut as part of the Review My Blog campaign.

Acquire Wisdom and Live With Passion is your daily dose of Wisdom. Not just that! Sam Chan's posts just livens up the day and true to its name, fills your life with passion. He is a professional at Self-Improvement. Don't take my word for it. Go through his blog posts to have a first-hand look.

The more I think I had learnt the more I know I still have to learn. Everyday when we face problems, we are actually learning. How we tackle problems determines whether we are acquiring Wisdom or getting more stress that kills. - Sam Chan

His philosophy of life is that we learn everyday from our experience, but we shouldn't limit ourselves to our own experiences. We should also learn from others' experiences. It could be anyone for that matter.

A wise man is one who learns from all men. Learning only from our own experience is like learning the traffic rules by accident. - Sam Chan

Sam makes his posts even more interesting by clubbing an apt and lively picture with all his posts.

Take a loot at the blog study I did of Sam's blog earlier.

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  1. Sam Chan said...

    Hi Aziz,

    Thank you so much for giving me and my blog such a wonderful review.

    Your effort in putting up the review is appreciated.

    I believe if you were to have "Review My Blog" campaign again, there will be more willing to join in.

    Thanks again for sharing so much blogging tips/suggestions to me. Indeed, I had learned a great deal from you.

    Best Wishes
    Sam Chan