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The formula for Happiness

Happiness formula equation = Fulfillment / DesireSurely life would be easier if an equation for happiness existed. UK psychologists say they've found it: P + (5 x E) + (3 x H). Clear? Substitute P for "personal characteristics" (eg, outlook, adaptability), E for "existence" (health, money, friends) and H for "higher order" (self-esteem, ambitions, sense of humour).

Researchers interviewed some 1000 people to arrive at the formula. Each participant received a rating out of 100 by answering a questionnaire -- the higher the score, the happier the individual.

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  1. Anonymous said...

    Actually, the formula is much simpler than that one. It's G+O+D=Happiness. Couldn't get any easier than that. Scientists know how to mess up anything. LOL!!

    Your blog is very interesting especially the one about the microwave. I will have to spend more time here. Thank you!

  2. Anonymous said...

    There really is no formula for perfect happiness in life because each individual has its own sets of standard when it comes to happiness. From defining the word itself, we all have our own definition. The case is that it really depends on the individual on how he manages to have a happy life and spiritual ethical will.
    I believe that if you only follow the rules in life, you will gain contentment in life without sacrificing your happiness.

  3. Jestia said...

    Dear Susan,

    I believe it's not the formula to measure whether one is happy or not, it only calculates how happy one person can be in a scale of one to ten.

    So basically no particular standards is used in defining how happy one person is.

    The questions should be answered on a scale of one to ten, where one is "not at all" and ten is "to a large extent". -BBC News
    It is similar to polls.