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NoFollow No More

UPDATE: Since Google does not allow author link in Blogger comments anymore, HashOut does not support nofollow free author links anymore.

NoFollow No More - You Comment I Do FollowI felt that the people commenting on this blog were not really getting their due. The NoFollow attribute which comes by default with the Blogger templates just stifles the incentive to comment. I've thus decided to remove NoFollow from the comments section. And since my comments are moderated, I have no worries about spam as I can decide what goes live.

Hope that will entice you to comment more and actively participate in the discussions.

For those of you who are interested in removing the NoFollow attribute from the anchor tags in the comments section of your blog but do not know how, here is a simple guide to remove NoFollow from Blogger layouts (only for the new Blogger Layout templates).

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  1. eshop600 said...

    Its hard to comment on your site, be the first to hash out! hard to know what that means? very odd?

  2. Damacana said...

    I love "U Comment I Follow"

  3. Colin said...

    I think the 'no-follow' stinks,and it is far better to follow as it gains readership trust.

    I'm working on some tags and memes and one will be heading your way :)