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Email Etiquette

Email EtiquetteBillions of emails are sent daily, many across the world, some between one desk and the next -- plenty of opportunity to inadvertently offend or annoy, especailly in a work situation. So:

Be brief. Emails that are more than a screen long are daunting and irritating. With friends you can be chattier.

Style counts. Spell check notes before you hit "send." Writing using ALL CAPITAL LETTERS signifies shouting; all small letters is hard to read.

Answer promptly. At work, respond within the day. When you are out for a day or more, program an "I'm away" auto reply.

Ignore chain mail, jokes and petitions. Almost no one likes them. Resist forwarding them unless they seem highly relevant.

Identify yourself. For business emails, create a standard sign-off that includes your full name, title, phone number, address and any pertinent infromation about your company.

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  1. Vic Grace said...

    Good points.

    I hope some of my 'e-mailers' will read about not forwarding. I just hate to see FWD FWD FWD in my mail box, I simply won't read them. I must have a different sense of humour than most because e-mail jokes rarely make me laugh.

    I especially concur with short and sweet and to the point.