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Many Tongues Help Kids

You think it may be confusing for children to grow up with more than one language? Wrong. Research shows it benefits kids in many ways -- they learn languages in general better, and develop problem solving skills earlier. "Multilingual children have a sense of perspective that makes them very language aware and able to block out irrelevant information," says Professor Ellen Bialystok of Toronto.

What's your view, opinion or experience?

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  1. IUBaller said...

    I wish I could speak more than language fluently (spanish is kinda so-so).

  2. Sharon said...

    Um, so that exactly points out what my parents have done wrong :)

    I come from a multi-cultural background, however, my parents had been in the US in their early twenties before they were married in their 30's. I grew up with the culture, just not a good grasp of the language.....

  3. ShamNE.O said...

    yeah.. i'm bilingual but not because of my parents. i learned english at an early age from school. i also preferred watching tv, listening to music and speak in english while growing up. i think your post is true. and by being bilingual, i think it's easier to learn a new language. currently learning japanese. love your blog by the way.