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Microwave Myths Zapped!

Myth 1: Microwave ovens are dangerous.
Microwaves are comparatively safe, but take care when using any heating device. If your oven is very old you may wish to have the seals checked by a qualified microwave engineer. Be cautious when removing food covers to avoid scalds from escaping steam.

Myth 2: Microwaved food gets hotter when you take it out.
Microwaves aren't bouncing around in the food after the oven has been switched off. In fact food will begin to cool immediately.

Let it stand for a few minutes so the outer and inner temperatures even up. The food may continue cooking as this happens.

Myth 3: Microwaves cook from the inside out.
Microwaves penetrate at most only about 2.5 to 5cms into food. But this creates enough heat for the rest of the food to be cooked by conduction, as in a conventional oven."

Myth 4: Microwaves heat only water.
Water molecules do absorb microwave energy. But once the water has vaporized, fats and proteins absorb the energy and heat beyond water's boiling point, 100 degrees C.

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