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RupeeMail it here to stay?

RupeeMail launched by Hcitek Software Pvt Ltd, a Bangalore based start-up, is a recent addition to the "Get paid to read email" service, similar to that of Hits4Pay.

The service is still under public-beta and there is a lot more to improve. For example their website does not clearly mention any restriction on how many accounts can be opened using a single computer or mailing address. Even though their system does not allow registering multiple accounts from the same IP address, subscribers with a dynamic IP address can disconnect and reconnect to get a new IP address. Cookies too would be ineffective as the cache or temporary folders can easily be cleared. This could lead to subscribers opening multiple accounts using different email addresses.

Also there is no system in place to check if the subscriber has viewed the message for a stipulated amount of time. Subscribers could just click the link in the email received and close the resulting pop-up window immediately.

RupeeMail has also been a topic of discussion in the Indian blogosphere. There have been debates about the subscriber base not being the target market for advertisers. Ashish from points out that 35% of the subscriber base of mGinger, a "Get paid to receive SMS" service for Indian mobile subscribers, comprises of students who are just looking forward to make some quick pocket money. Such students have no intention to either read the advertiser's message or buy the product.

On the other hand, supporters of the email service say that it is much better than its SMS counterpart since the subscribers just have to click on a link to visit the advertisers website from where they can get more information and contact the advertiser. Whereas with the SMS service, subscribers either need to call the advertiser or visit the website of the advertiser by entering the URL in the browser manually. Even if the advertisers were to include a URL hyperlink to their website in the SMS, not many would have Internet access on their mobile phone and even if they had, the view of the advertiser's website would be limited.

Another argument in favour of the email service, and against the SMS service, is that subscribers can check emails at their convenience whereas SMS would be more of an intrusion in the subscribers privacy. However, mGinger has an option where in you can select a time window within which you want to receive those paid texts.

There has also been a wide misconception that the paid SMS or email service helps fight spam, but as Anil Lakhwara, the 62-year-old chief executive officer of Hcitek, says “RupeeMail is not an answer to spam. It is to reach the targeted advertiser.” Spammers would still be able to and will continue to send unsolicited emails and messages.

Another popular misconception is that these services are "Get rich quick" schemes. It should be noted that, in reality, such services can at the max be able to generate a decent amount of pocket money only to pay up your mobile bills. As told by most of the service providers, such services cannot help one make a living. However, the service providers say that their service helps subscribers save money by receiving special offers and deals from advertisers.

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  1. Anonymous said...


    I Just saw you blog...pasting my thoughts expressed to you in here also.....


    How many email accounts you will create to receive RupeeMail ? 10-20 ? and you will remember all these ids and passwords and also login to these many email accounts every day to just get RupeeMail ? i doubt ……. eventhough people may initially register multiple accounts, they may be only operating their actual email ids over the period of time. Also they are tracking multiple accounts from same IP and goes through a manual approval process if they found multiple registrations….i tried myself but they caught me…he he he.. which is a good thing…they will be able to stop the multiple registrations on a certain level.. remember there can be 10-20% error in any list…. when yahoo or gmail say they have xxx Million users, is that mean they have xxx Million unique users ? never…, i have 3 yahoo email ids… so nothing big about it….

    The key difference to the advertiser which i understand from their RupeeMail for Advertiser page is that, advertiser only pay for the opened mails, that i guess, a decent deal…..over the time all these multiple accounts will fade out…..

    by the way….i got a good deal to kerala by through RupeeMail and i passed it to one of my friend who was looking for a holiday to kerala… it was a good deal….. so i can see good values coming out from this…..Also i heard that one of my friend’s friend got his first cheque from RupeeMail… so i guess this guys are really doing serious business….. Good job….