HashOut: 2007/01/14
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How much TV do you need?

As new sets become home theaters, you have questions

What is stereo in/out?
It's a must if you plan to hook up the set to your stereo or home-theatre speakers.

What's an S-Video input?
It delivers a better picture than the older "video input." It's key if you plan to plug a DVD player or game console into the set.

What are component-video inputs?
They produce a clearer picture than S-Video -- worth it only if you're going to use a DVD that has a component-video output. Component video splits colour and brightness signals, a process that makes the picture more vivid.

What's a comb filter?
It keeps a picture crisp by separating brightness and colour portions of a video signal. Older sets use glass comb filters. New, pricier models come with 3-D digital comb filters.
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