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Carry your software applications and data around the world with Internet operating systems

After Google and Microsoft, a Swedish software company Xcerion follows suit in the race for online productivity tools, albiet with a difference. Instead of creating applications for the web, Xcerion provides a platform for developers to create applications that can run on any computer with any operating system and any supported browser (Internet Explorer & Firefox for the time being)

"What Skype did for telephony, we want to do for software development," says CEO Daniel Arthursson. "We're enabling the 'Long Tail' for business software."

Xcerion has been working for the last five years on an XML-based Internet operating system (XIOS) and development platform that replicates the desktop computing experience from inside a Web browser providing applications and data over the network. It sits as an abstraction layer atop a real operating system like Linux, Mac OS X, or Windows.

Watch it in action and you'll see a visual representation of the threat it poses to Windows: Double-click on the application and the familiar desktop interface appears inside the browser window. Expand the browser window in full-screen mode and the Windows desktop vanishes beneath it. Of course the XIOS environment could just as easily look like the Mac OS desktop or something else entirely. This is what Microsoft feared Netscape would do, turn its main asset, the operating system, into middleware. - InformationWeek

XIOS has already been released for limited beta testing and might be out for public in the third quarter of 2007.

The service will be free and Xcerion will make money from advertisements which they will share with application developers as they don't intend to develop applications themselves.

Read Thomas Claburn's indepth review and analysis of this new revolution on InformationWeek.
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