HashOut: 2007/03/04
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Google's modesty, a pro blogger's nightmare!

Google's 2006 Annual Report warns shareholders of the risks it faces from competition (Microsoft and Yahoo) and also its inexperiences in acquisitions. It says that the future results may fall below expectations. This modest disclaimer could be more of a nightmare to the blogosphere than the shareholders of Google Inc.

Reading this report reminded me once again of the 2000 dot com bubble burst and the resulting bankruptcy of large corporations like WorldCom.

Google also underscores that Internet user traffic tends to be seasonal and its rapid growth has masked the cyclicality and seasonality of its business. - Donna Bogatin, ZDNet

If anything like the 2000 incidents is to be repeated and should Google run out of advertisers, The worst affected would be those who have taken to blogging full time and live on the income they earn from blogging.

One might argue that Google is not the only Ad network. But considering the size, reach and technology of Google in comparison to other ad networks, I don't think anybody else could survive if Google can't.

It would be a good idea to have a backup in case of an unfortunate eventuality.
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