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Fighting free porn to safeguard the Web for children

Blogger Power is an initiative taken by Mihaela Lica and Jon Harmon to unite the blogosphere (the blogging community) and raise a voice against free web pornography. To know more about this project read this Open Letter to Bloggers Around the World: Help Make the Web Safer for Children.

What's so unique about this campaign is that it does not fight against pornography as a whole, which is a matter of personal choice in this free world. What it emphasizes is that pornography (including free tours, free previews or other free contents) should be locked behind a registration wall and made available with a key (username and password) so that children do not accidentally stumble upon such material.

Skeptics will probably see this as a small step. Others will say that the porn webmasters will not change their ways because they want to make money. But kids are not paying customers. So the porn sites will not have so much to lose financially by applying such a measure. On the contrary: they will increase their possible clients database. And that’s an advantage.

HashOut sincerely supports the movement and hopes that the web would be a safer place for the children to dwell around and take advantage of the good things and learn constructively.

If you're a blogger or an artist, you too can join the movement. All you have to do is post a message on your blog or just create a special artwork for the cause. If webmasters want to support the initiative but don’t have blogs, they could place a support banner or logo somewhere on their site. If you do not or cannot write a post nor can you create an artwork but would still want to support the cause then you can post a comment here. You can find more details about the project here.

Mihaela “Mig” Lica, the founder of Pamil Visions, has professional qualifications in journalism. She worked for the Public Relations Directorate of the Romanian Ministry of Defense for 4 years and since 2002 she lives in Germany and works as a public relations and media consultant.

Jon Harmon is the founder of Force for Good, after a 23-year career in public relations at Ford Motor Company. He is the father of four sons, a reason good enough to motivate him to be so involved in this project.
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The all new Camera Phone Kit from Sony Ericsson for Wanna-be pro photographers

Sony Ericsson Camera Phone Kit IPK-100 with protective case and micro tripod for Cyber-shot camera phones.Sony Ericsson has just announced a Camera Phone Kit, specifically for use with its Cyber-shot camera phones. The kit includes a Cyber-shot branded protective case for the phone, which can be attached to a belt using a belt clip provided along with the kit or kept in a bag, a micro tripod with flexible legs and friction feet that allows you to hold the camera steady for the self-timer and a tripod connector.

The tripod is 97mm high and the protective case weighs just 49 grams and comes in black.

The wanna-be photographers can now act a little too smart flaunting this micro tripod.

The Camera Phone Kit IPK-100 will be available globally from Q2 2007. You can buy it online from the Sony Ericsson e-shop.
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Bowling genius

Wasim Akram bowlingThe record number of wickets taken in the World Cup is 55, by Wasim Akram of Pakistan. The best figure by a bowler is Australian Glenn McGrath's, 7 for 15, against Namibia at Potchefstroom in 2003. Chaminda Vaas of Sri Lanka collected the maximum wickets in a tournament-23 in World Cup 2003. In 1983, The Oval witnessed the most runs conceded by a bowler-105 in 12 overs by Martin Snedden of New Zealand, against England. » Continue reading

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