HashOut: 2007/03/18
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Robots have already proven to be killer machines

Honda Asimo - a Humanoid Robot with artificial intelligenceDid you ever fear the thought of robots with artificial intelligence taking over the human race by storm after watching science fiction movies like "The Terminator"? Hrafn writes about a couple of incidents where humans have been killed by robots, although not intentionally but due to human error. But isn't that a reason good enough to fear approaching a robot?

If a robot preprogrammed to perform a specific task can malfunction due to human error, imagine the possibility of a robot with artificial intelligence programmed to learn from its experience malfunctioning or learning something not meant to be learned, all due to human error.

Check out inkblot earth for the graphic representation of the robot pushing a human into the grinding machine.
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Faux invasion

What began as a routine training exercise almost ended as an invasion! Switzerland is in an embarrassing diplomatic quagmire after a company of Swiss soldiers got lost at night and marched into neighboring Liechtenstein.

The 170 soldiers wandered over a mile into the tiny principality before realizing their mistake and turning back. Liechtenstein, which has about 34,000 inhabitants, does not have an army.
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Indian Bloggers list v2.0 - a directory of Indian bloggers worldwide

Indiablogs.orgIndian Bloggers list v2.0 is an online directory of bloggers worldwide who are Indian by nationality. A brainchild of Puneet, the blogs in the directory are categorized by industry, profession or field of work unlike the other Indian blog directory BlogStreet India which categorizes blogs on industry/profession/field of work, languages and cities. However, each entry is reviewed personally by people volunteering for the project before being added to the directory. Also you require to link back to the directory from your blog either through a post or a logo image on your sidebar or somewhere on the blog.

Do you know of a better alternative to Indiablogs.org or BlogStreet India?
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The Thommo syndrome

Jeff Thomson's blistering pace ended the Sri Lankan resistanceThose were days when English pitches were more of jumpin' jacks. And with Jeff Thomson in full throttle, you better keep the ambulance ready. In the 1975 World Cup league match against Sri Lanka at the Oval, Thommo breathed fire and let one down the throat of the stocky Duleep Mendis. In his desperate bid to evade it, Mendis literally head-butted the ball, and was rushed to the hospital. But he was not the lone casualty. His batting-partner and friend Sunil Wettimuny joined him, shortly, all because of Thommo. » Continue reading

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