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Chasing storms and hurricanes with Jeff Gammons

Are you a storm chaser, a nature enthusiast, an adventurer seeking some thrill watching mother nature on a destruction spree? Do you enjoy watching hurricanes wiping entire towns away? Join South Florida based 32 years young Jeff Gammons on his perilous expeditions chasing severe storms and hurricanes through his blog StormVideographer.com which features the latest on Weather chase expeditions.

Founder of Weathervine.com, Jeff has been chasing severe storms and hurricanes since the mid 1990's and has to his credit intercepting hurricanes Katrina, Wilma, Rita, Dennis'05, Jeanne, Frances, Charley, Lili, Gabrielle, Gordon, Irene, Floyd, Dennis'99, Georges, and Erin.

Jeff relies on Hi Tech gear which includes laptops, PDAs, Cell Phones, GPS, GPS overlay with radar (Wxworx), wireless broadband cell data cards, WiFi, Satellite up and down link systems, pro video and audio cameras, ham radio, and digital camera.

Getting fresh data is very important and when you can get current surface obs, radar and Visible satellite imagery every few minutes, your chances of a successful chase greatly increase.

Catch Jeff chasing the Great Plains in mid-spring and during the summer and early fall months intercepting hurricanes. And when he is not chasing storms, he travels across Florida to teach severe-weather safety to schoolkids.

Jeff is currently running a promotional campaign for his blog in which he is distributing FREE Hurricane DVDs to the first 30 people who review his blog on their blogs or websites, provided you meet some basic criteria, which is why you are reading this post here. Not only that all reviewers will get a link back to their reviews.
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Looking forward to quit smoking?

Quit SmokingAre you a smoker fighting hard to give up on smoking or already given up on giving up smoking? Don't worry! There is some good info and tools available on-line to help you.

WAY2QUIT.com, a GlaxoSmithKline campaign to promote its Nicotine Replace Therapies-Nicorette, NicoDerm CQ and Commit, has some tools that can help you in overcoming your nicotine withdrawal cravings.

  1. Readiness indicator: Decide if you are really ready to quit.
  2. Dependency quiz: Access how much you depend on nicotine.
  3. Health risk assessor: Weigh the risk of lung cancer you reduce by quitting to smoke right this moment.
  4. Savings calculator: Calculate how much money you'll save in a day, week, month, year by kicking the habit.
  5. Slip meter: Recoup from lapses during weak moments.
  6. Trigger detector: Avoid things that spark the urge to smoke.
  7. Cravings pacifier: Find relief when nicotine cravings hit.

Also watch some really scary (funny) promotional videos here.
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