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Nokia N95 out at last!

The Nokia N95 multimedia computer with GPS, 5mp camera, HSDPA, WLAN (WiFi), EDGE, WCDMA, S60, Symbian OSAlmost six months after announcing the Nokia N95 (in September 2006), Nokia has started shipping the Nokia N95 in key European, Asian and Middle Eastern countries, and in the coming weeks will be available in more countries in those regions.

The Nokia N95 is an all-in-one multimedia computer with a unique 2-way slide design, the first smart mobile cell phone with integrated GPS functionality, a 5 megapixel camera and support for high-speed mobile networks, making it easier to watch and record videos, listen to songs, take high-quality photos, browse the internet, or catch up on email while on the move.

It supports High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA), WLAN (Wi-Fi), EDGE and WCDMA networks.

The Nokia N95 sports a Carl Zeiss optics on the 5 megapixel camera, built-in stereo speakers, a standard 3.5 mm audio connector and support for compatible microSD memory cards.

The integrated GPS works with the Nokia Maps application which includes maps for more than 150 countries, enabling users to explore the world, find specific routes or locate services such as restaurants and hotels and covering more than 15 million points of interest. You can also purchase additional features, such as city guides and voice guided navigation.

The innovative 2-way slide design makes it easy to switch between different modes, going from reading maps to watching a video with a simple slide.

The Nokia N95 runs the S60 software on Symbian OS.

Am waiting to get my hands on it as soon as possible.
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Organic power for computers & electronic devices

Harnessing photosynthetic power of spinach in the field of electronics devices like Portable Computers, Mobile Cell PhonesResearch Scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of Tennessee and the US Naval Research Laboratory have proved what Popeye already knew -- spinach is an excellent source of energy. They have taken up developing a spinach-based material to coat portable computers and mobile phones. The aim: for the electrical devices to recharge themselves from sunlight, similar to the way plants use chlorophyll to convert light into energy, harnessing photosynthetic power of spinach in the field of electronics.

The phone is no longer red or blue; it becomes green. So what? - Shuguang Zhang, associate director of MIT's Center for Biomedical Engineering

Started in 2004 with some financial assistance from Intel, the project is expected to take around 10 years to be completed when electronic devices will turn green.

For further information read MIT's official news release and The Boston Globe article.

If you have any updates on this project, do keep us informed.
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