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Planning to buy a laptop? Here are some tips to buy a laptop...

Guide to buy a laptop/notebook computer

  • Don't be seduced by super-fast processor speeds unless you're running graphics-intensive applications such as games or design programs.
  • If you want to watch DVDs on the move, buy a laptop with an internal DVD drive. An external drive could be a nuisance if you travel a lot.
  • Buy a spare or higher-capacity battery for when you're not near a plug socket.
  • Be prepared to pay extra for software. Even Microsoft Office is absent from many packages, or rely on free open source software.
  • Due to their rough life, laptops are more prone to failure making it vital to back up data: a second, external hard drive, pen-drive or flash drive makes this easier.
  • An extended warranty for a fraction of the cost of the laptop will make sure that you don't have to spend as much as the cost of the laptop on major breakdowns.
  • An insurance policy for your laptop will save you from loss or damage of your laptop. Even traveling on a flight with your laptop is not safe from theft.
  • Up-loading pictures from your mobile phone or digital camera? An in-built memory card reader slot will make the task easier.
  • Most laptops come along with a carry bag, but if it doesn't then buy a decent bag to protect your laptop.
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