HashOut: 2007/03/31
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Flying long distance with kids

In-flight entertainment, food and sleep on long-haul flights with kidsIf you're flying with the whole family including young children, here are some tips:

Choose your in-flight entertainment. Check websites and consult a travel agent for airlines with diversionary activites such as video games. Even better, seek out those with individual in-seat audio and videeo systems with dedicated children's channels. Try Emirates and Singapore Airlines. Or take your own portable DVD or CD player and headphones with a slection of your kids' favourite shows, movies and music.

Chosse flight times carefully. If you're spending most of the time airborne at night, there's more chance your kids will sleep and less need to entertain them. If bedtime is usually 9pm, choose a flight that leaves in the late afternoon.

Don't rely on airline food, particularly for fussy eaters. Pack sandwiches, bottled water and snacks. Be careful of quarantine regulations.

Jet lag affects everyone, including toddlers, Encourage your kids to drink more water than usual. Take a stopover if you can to slowly adjust to changing time zones.
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