HashOut: 2007/04/03
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How to Complain

Customer Service Call Centre How to complaint

You call customer service to complain about a product, and you hang up angrier than when you started. That's customer rage, a feeling experienced by millions of people with a major complaint, says Scott Broetzmann, president of an American firm that tells companies how to offer the best customer service. His secrets to getting good service:

  1. Have a goal: If you want your product repaired, say so. Want an apology? Speak up.
  2. Keep it short: Focus on one problem, and be succinct.
  3. Stick with it: You have to invest the time it takes. Don't get what you want? Ask for a supervisor.
  4. Skip ultimatums: Don't threaten not to do business with them again. Why should they help you if you won't buy from them in the future?
  5. Plead you case: Many companies have information such as how much money you've spent with them and how often you complain. If you're a good customer they may be more willing to help.
  6. Be nice: You're unlikely to get what you want if you're rude.
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