HashOut: 2007/04/14
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Finding your long lost friend in a blink of an eye

Find people online on the web and social networks like MySpace, Orkut, Hi5, twitter, Facebook, MyBlogLog, Bebo, LinkedIn, Live Spaces, Friendster etc.Did you every try searching for a long lost friend or the guy you had a crush on in school? Isn't is so difficult to search for people on the web using Google or social networking sites like MySpace, Orkut, Hi5, Twitter, Facebook, MyBlogLog, Bebo, LinkedIn, Live Spaces, Friendster etc?

What if you can search across all the social networking sites and the web with just a single search? Yes, its possible through Wink. Currently the wink search engine searches across the MySpace, Bebo, Friendster, LinkedIn, Live Spaces networks. More networks may be added to this list in the future. Search for people by name, location, school, work, and interest anywhere on the web. Not just that you can also have your profile on Wink which is searchable from traditional search engines like Google, Yahoo, Windows Live (MSN) and Altavista.

You can also add a Wink widget to your blog which lets you organize a list of links to your profiles on various social networks in one place and let others know about them too.

Update (April 15, 2007): I just came across this new People Search Engine called Spock which is yet to be unveiled. More details available here.
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