HashOut: 2007/04/30
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Finding businesses online made easy

Masterseek B2B Business Search Engine - find businesses or companies selling products that you want.Google these days is sort of throwing up all irrelevant search results. I've been totally annoyed and was hoping to find a better way to find information that I wanted.

I feel information specific search engines like people search engines are doing a better job these days. These kind of search engines have advanced data mining technology that helps them crawl information from the web and then sort and arrange them automatically for systematic viewing.

Just like how people search engines help you find real information about people, masterseek helps one find real information about businesses.

Masterseek lets you search for businesses using whatever information you have about the company like company name, phone numbers, email address, website address etc. You can also find companies selling a product in a particular country. As of September 2006 Masterseek's database contains 45 million companies from 75 countries.

One advantage of using such search engines is that you get information that you want and are less likely to suffer the WILF syndrome, by not accidentally bumping into some website which is of no use to you but which cleverly distracts your attention.
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