HashOut: 2007/05/02
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A coffin for a broken marriage

Divorced? Buried you marriage? Bury your wedding ring too! Get a wedding ring coffin for just USD 30Unhappily married? Already divorced? What does one do of the wedding ring when a marriage dies?

Let it stay in the remote corners of a sock and underwear drawer so that you find them while cleaning away your stuff, some day in the future, and revive your already forgotten sour memories? Bury your wedding ring and bury your past!

A New York divorcee has come up with a miniature coffin to lay those unwanted wedding rings to rest. The 15cm by 5cm solid wood coffin has a black velvet ring insert, a choice of six brass plaques inscribed with messages including 'I do NOT!' and 'Six feet is not deep enough'. Get it for $30 from Jist Enterprises, the creators online store, and "Give a dead marriage its proper, final resting place."
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