HashOut: 2007/05/03
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The secret to improving your Google PR and Technorati Ranking

Improving your Google PR (Page Rank) and Technorati RankingThese days almost everybody in the blogosphere seems to dream about becoming a dot com mogul. One such soul is Cheewee Ng. And if that was really tongue twisting then you could simply call him Betshopboy. For a detailed explanation of why he's called Betshopboy, read his profile.

Betshopboy was the third to submit his review of HashOut as part of the Review My Blog campaign.

If you've ever been to John Chow's blog then the first thing you'll notice on Cheewee Ng's blog is that he has got a similar bottom line for his blog.

At first sight the blog seemed to be very amateurish, but as I sifted through the blog posts I was quite astounded to see that the blog which ranked in the region of 1.8 million on technorati at the end of March, ranks under 52k and has a Google PR (Page Rank) of 2 out of 10 as on date. All this within a month and just a meager 56 posts on the blog!

So how did Cheewee Ng achieve this feat? Yes, you got it right! The link love that he received through his "review exchange and link swap" campaign skyrocketed his Google and Technorati rankings. This once again asserts the importance of building links to your blog and review exchanges are a much better alternative to link exchanges as it serves three purposes. Firstly you get links back to your blog, secondly the person who reviews your blog gets involved with your blog and may become your thick friend and a loyal reader of your blog and finally your blog gets more readers through the reviewer's blog.

However, Cheewee Ng's review exchange program is a little different from what I've seen at several other blogs. In that, he has reversed the roles. He reviews your blog first and in turn asks you to link back to his blog with the anchor text "make money online" and also to link back to his "free blog review" post. Seems pretty simple, even for a layman to understand.
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