HashOut: 2007/05/18
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Are you annoyed with unsolicited SMS (Texts) advertisements on your mobile phone?

Get paid to read SMS (Text) advertisementsIf yes, you will no longer be annoyed as you can get paid for receiving such messages.

mGinger.com pays you to read ads on your cellphone! Moreover these ads will only be about your interests. Not only that, you get to decide what time you want to receive these ads.

mGinger pays 20 paise for every message you receive. It sends a maximum of 10 messages a day. However, you can further reduce this number if you like. But who would want to reduce ones earnings? You can further increase your earnings by referring others to mGinger so that when they sign up, you get 10 paise for every message they receive and when they refer others, you get 5 paise for every message your friend's friends receive.

TIP: If you want to increase the chances of receiving maximum number of messages in a day, select as many interests as possible and time slot as long as possible. Ofcourse, you need to select the Maximum Ads per day as 10 (or whatever the maximum number is available from time to time.)

This service is still in beta. That is you will not receive any ads as of now. But since this is going to be the next big boom, you can take the advantage of signing up right now and building up a network so that as soon as the service is rolled out of beta you start making the money. This is not a get rich quick scheme or something where you can earn at home but based on my calculations you can easily make enough money to free up your cell phone bill. The sky is the limit to earning more as it depends on how successful you are in building your own network of referrals. So get started now as it's still too early.

Have fun calculating how much you can make... and sign up. You're sure to like it.

NOTE: This service is currently available only to subscribers in India.
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