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Tips to save printer ink

Tips to save money on printer ink cartridgeColor printer cartridges are costly, but there are ways to extend their lives, says Glenn Menin of PC Magazine Labs:
  • Before printing, adjust your computer's print quality to "draft" and use less ink.
  • When possible, use only the black-ink option, even when printing color pages.
  • While printing web pages, just highlight (or copy and paste in a sparate file, preferably in a word processor to preserve the text formatting) only the text you want rather than printing everything on the screen.
  • Most printer drivers today have a print preview option that lets you see what exactly you are going to get even before you actually print it. Use it to save wastages.
  • Use your printer ink cartridges, both black and color, atleast once a week. Even if you don't have a need to take a print out, just print something small or run a diagnostic test.
  • Use generic or compatible print cartridges which are almost half the cost of an original manufacturer brand OEM print cartridge. They are a definite money saver, especially for bulk black and white print jobs.
Looking for more tips? Here are some search keyword ideas to try it out on Google:

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