HashOut: 2007/05/30
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How not to forget important engagements

Don't ever forget birthdays, anniversaries, appointments, meetings or any other task.You forgot to wish your mom on her birthday, your dentist's appointment, to pick up the dry cleaning. Maybe what you need is your own personal secretary -- or an e-mail reminder service. You'll find several ones on the Internet, like www.memotome.com. With this one, all you have to do is register and enter what you want to remember -- whether it's to pick up laundry detergent or a gift for your parents' 50th wedding anniversary -- and the service will e-mail you reminders as far in advance and as often as you like. You can also choose to be reminded of weekly, monthly, yearly or one-off events.

Before you register with any email reminder service, read its privacy policy: Some may share their registrant's email addresses with direct marketers or spammers.
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