HashOut: 2007/06/06
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Darren answers my questions on blogging and podcasting

When I woke up this morning to a pleasant weather, little did I know about the surprise lined up for me today.

As I signed in to my email inbox, I received this comment from Shypy, a new reader who informed me that my blog was featured on ProBlogger. Without any further delay, I hit ProBlogger and saw that Darren had answered some questions which I had posted on ProBlogger in response to his invitation for reader questions in February.

You might ask why is it so important for my questions to be answered on ProBlogger. The answer is ProBlogger is an A-list blog and, in order to improve one's blog or website ranking on Google and other search engines, it is necessary to get it linked from other A-list (top ranking) blogs and websites. Not only that! The visitors or readers of that site or blog are also directed towards your blog or website. Read my earlier post on How to grab the attention of A-list bloggers for some creative ideas.

Darren has not only answered my questions but he has linked to my blog, sending over lots of precious readers from his blog and also helping me improve my blog ranking. Thanks Darren! I just love you for that.

Sometimes your hard work doesn't really pay off immediately, but it surely does at some point of time in the future, as you can see it has been over 3 months since I posted those questions on ProBlogger. The comment has really paid off in terms of more visitors and readers directed towards HashOut from ProBlogger and hopefully improving my blog ranking in the long run.

So go ahead on a commenting spree. Find opportunities to comment. Comment when you feel that you can add some value to the conversation and you're sure to hit the Jack Pot.
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