HashOut: 2007/06/12
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Remedy for falling asleep while at the driving wheel

Remedy for drowsy drivingVehicles of the future may keep an eye on their drivers, rousing you if you start to nod off, thanks to new technology that can scan your face for signs of drowsiness.

FaceLab uses two cameras built into the dashboard to identify key points on your face (it's unfazed by sunglasses or a head turned to one side), creating a 3D picture which it compares to a computer model. By analyzing the movements of your head, the rate you blink and the angle of your gaze it monitors progressive drowsiness. If you're in a danger of falling asleep, the system could trigger alarms or a flashing red light-which could refuse to stop until the card did. If the system works and is adopted by the industry it could help save the innumerable lives lost each year from falling asleep at the wheel. » Continue reading

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