HashOut: 2007/06/18
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First e-Impressions

Email Tips, Tricks, Techniques, Rules, Regulations & LawsFew careers can now do without email. How effectively do you deal with it? Take this true-or-false quiz to find out!
  1. Emails should be short.
  2. The subject line should be short.
  3. All messages should be marked urgent so people will read them.
  4. You should respond to email messages within 24 hours.

  1. True. People don't have time to read pages of material on a screen. If your message is longer than screen-length, send it a different way.
  2. False. With so much spam around, many people won't open an email unless they know who it's from or the subject is clear. Writing hi, or leaving the subject line black, leaves the reader confused.
  3. False. People will know you always do this and won't consider your e-mail urgent, even when it is.
  4. True. If you don't have the info, send an email to acknowledge you got their message and let them know when you'll have the info.
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