HashOut: 2007/06/19
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How to spot an email hoax

How to filter an internet hoax.
The Internet is a great way to share information, but also to spread lies and mischievous nonsense. When you get an unsolicited email, these warning signs, from urbanlegends.about.com, should ring alarm bells:
  1. The text was not originally written by the person who sent it to you.
  2. Phrases such as "This is NOT a hoax..."
  3. ...Or "Forward this to everyone you know."
  4. Overly emphatic language or heavy use of CAPITALS and exclamation marks!!!!!!!!
  5. Language that seems more geared to persuade than to inform.
  6. Claims to offer important information you've not heard before from legitimate sources.
  7. Subtle jokes that might suggest leg pulling.
  8. No reference to outside sources nor links to websites with corroborating information.
  9. Replies with "Re:" in the subject title from people you haven't written to.
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