HashOut: 2007/06/20
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Tips for printing Digital Photos

Tips to print Digital PhotosCapture great memories and moments with tips on printing digital photos.

Fan your paper first
Before you put it into the paper tray, bend the stack and run your finger along the edge. This ensures the sheets feed flawlessly.

Select the right paper setting
Many HP photo printers with optical sensors for paper type allow you to select the actual name of the paper you are using. Use it to enhance paper feed and print quality.

Don't stack your photos
Don't stack your photos before they are totally dry. This may cause the photo below to stick onto the back of the one above.

Leave them to dry before storing
Resist the temptation to slot your phtos into a photo album the moment they are printed. Air them in a cool place to dry them before storing.

Keep them protected
Exposing your photos to air and moisture causes them to fade or turn yellow. Store your photos in an album or photo frame to protect them.
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