HashOut: 2007/06/27
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Make light work to decorate your home

Make light work to decorate your drawing room, living room, bedroom, bathroom, restroom, toilet.When decorating your home, consider these illuminating tips on creative lighting, from lamp-magnate Christopher Wray:

  • Use lighting to define an area -- table and floor lamps can mark zones in a large room where, for instance, one end is for eating and the other for dining.
  • Place several floor lamps that beam light upwards to guid the eye along a particular route, or set them behind a plant or sofa to create a soft glow.
  • With floor-standing (pedestal) lamps, fitting sockets in the floor will reduce the length of flex wire.
  • If you fancy a chandelier, remember it was origially meant to hold candles, so use very low-watt light bulbs.
  • Fit dimmer switches to everything -- varying light levels will help set the mood for each part of the day.
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Women swoon for hi-tech woo

Gift hi-tech technology gadgets like mobile cell phones, portable laptop or notebook computers, pda or ipod to woo women and further romance.Men looking to further their romance with flowers may want to think tech instead. A small Amazon.co.uk study at the University of Hertfordshire, UK, measured women's reactions to gifts: They showed most arousal when imagining getting electronic gadgets. In addition, a study of 1000 people found six in ten women said their love lives suffered if they had no mobile phone or hand-held computer with them. » Continue reading

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