HashOut: 2007/07/15
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Spirited blighters

Here's an instance of human bestiality: A gang of revellers in Varanasi made a stray goat drink liquor. Over time, the goat became regular at the party, were it is also served meat. The goat, by now almost addicted to booze, attacks its 'glass' mates if it is denied its large share. » Continue reading


Clothing a dream

Fame comes in different forms. For some, even in the form of a 'salwar kameez'! P.S. Vijayan, a tailor in Thrissur (Kerala), India, stitched a 47 ft long 'salwar kameez'. The apparel took 77 metres of cloth to complete and cost Vijayan Rs 35,000. The 'salwar' alone was 30 ft long. Vijayan hopes that his feat will get him into the Guinness Book of World Records. » Continue reading

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