HashOut: 2007/07/16
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How are old black and white films converted into colour?

Old black and white films are converted into color using graphics computers and advanced film scanners and recorders
The film is transferred to digital tape. Then, the first time each shade of grey appears, it is coloured manually on a graphics computer and given an identification code. Every time the grey reappears the computer colours it automatically. The process was first used in 1985 on the James Cagney classic Yankee Doodle Dandy. Though the technique was successful for video, the results were not good enough for big-screen projection. Today's advanced film scanners and recorders mean this is now possible, but colorization has largely died out following film industry complaints that the process distorts the original intentions of filmmakers. » Continue reading

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The formula for Happiness

Happiness formula equation = Fulfillment / DesireSurely life would be easier if an equation for happiness existed. UK psychologists say they've found it: P + (5 x E) + (3 x H). Clear? Substitute P for "personal characteristics" (eg, outlook, adaptability), E for "existence" (health, money, friends) and H for "higher order" (self-esteem, ambitions, sense of humour).

Researchers interviewed some 1000 people to arrive at the formula. Each participant received a rating out of 100 by answering a questionnaire -- the higher the score, the happier the individual. » Continue reading

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