HashOut: 2007/07/23
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Donkey Diaper

Donkey owners in Limuru, Kenya are enraged after officials ordered their animals to wear nappies, The local council said that the idea was to keep the town's streets clean. Water trader Simon Kamau, who uses donkeys to transport water, says, "The problem is that donkeys kick. I was once kicked by one and it broke my leg. Perhaps the council could come and show us how to tie the nappies on the donkeys." Last heard, the mayor, who was not interested in giving a demonstration, is shelving the idea. » Continue reading


Are humans the only animals that can recognize their own reflection?

No. A landmark study in 1970 at Tulane University in New Orleans, USA, showed conclusively that chimpanzees recognize their own reflections.

Under sedation, a blob of non-toxic paint was applied to the chimps' faces. When they woke they were given mirrors and, seeing the paint, the chimps touched it and cleaned it off, demonstrating that thhey realized the image in the mirror was their own.

Similar studies have suggested that orangutans can also recognize their own reflections. » Continue reading